Stud crystal Earrings black Opal lab created, silver plated, round 6 mm, crown


Crystal stud earrings black Opal lab created Rhinestones, piercing, round 6 mm, crown, silver plated , not allergic, by Amberwizard, for girls and women



A Sparkling Stud crown Earrings Black Opal lab created stones,
Crystals Rhinestone,
brilliant cut stones.
rubber transparent plastic white back stoppers .
Total weight of Opal stones 1.6 ct total,
round stones 0.8 ct each, 0.24″ (6 mm) diameter,
Length of whole Earrings – 0.7″ (17 mm).
Weight of Earrings 0.6 gr. pair (without stoppers).
For original adult women and girls.
The perfect neutral earrings, these studs will work with everything in your wardrobe.
So beautiful with just the right amount of sparkle!

Dark color indicates the refinement of the products made of these minerals of their refinement and the aristocracy of the person who uses them. The owner of precious stones of black color acquires great activity, self-confidence, becomes bold and unchained. These minerals are able to support a weak person and deter excessive force. The thoughts, emotions and behavior of the person become more balanced, from him vanity vanishes, after which he permeates thoughts about the Eternity Source.
Black is the color of negation, the color of the night. It can not be found in the spectrum, and people choose it in the case when they want to draw attention not to the form, but to the content of something, to reveal the very essence.
If it is a question of a modern man’s wardrobe, then black will mean conservatism, adherence to certain traditions, rigor, but not sadness.


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