Crystal stud earrings Purple Amethyst gold 18k plated, round 8 mm, crown


Crystal stud earrings Purple Amethyst lab created Rhinestones, piercing, round 8 mm, crown, gold plated 18k silver, not allergic, by Amberwizard, for girls and women



A Sparkling Stud crown Earrings Purple Amethyst lab created stones,
transparent Crystals Rhinestone,
brilliant cut stones.
rubber transparent plastic white back stoppers gold color.
Size of Amethyst stones 3.50 ct total (1.75 ct each), 0.3″ (8 mm) diameter.
Length of whole Earrings 0.7″ (17 mm).
Weight of Earrings 0.8 gr. pair (without stoppers).
Classic Earrings.
Not allergic.
For Girls and original women, elegant, small

Amethyst – purple, violet
Violet color contains the vigor of red and peaceful blue. This is the color of insight, intuition and comprehension of the essence of things. Purple stones represent a self-restraint and purity of thoughts. People who like violet are usually artists, philosophers, poets or teenagers. The latter choose this color for the fact that it does not have sexual certainty.
One of the most valuable properties of amethyst is the regulation of metabolism in the body. It is also believed that, in addition to the ability to soothe, this mineral facilitates the manifestation of diseases that have arisen on nerves, removes migraine attacks.


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