Crystal stud earrings Light Blue Aquamarine gold 18k plated, round 8 mm, crown


Crystal stud earrings Light Blue Aquamarine lab created Rhinestones, piercing, round 8 mm, crown, gold plated 18k silver, not allergic, by Amberwizard, for girls and women



A Sparkling Stud crown Earrings light blue Aquamarine lab created stones,
transparent Crystals Rhinestone,
brilliant cut stones.
rubber transparent plastic white back stoppers gold color.
Size of Aquamarine stones 3.50 ct total (1.75 ct each), 0.3″ (8 mm) diameter.
Length of whole Earrings 0.7″ (17 mm).
Weight of Earrings 0.8 gr. pair (without stoppers).
Classic Earrings.
Not allergic.
For Girls and original women, elegant, small

Aquamarine – light Blue
Aquamarine is considered the ruler of the water element and from ancient times aquamarine is the mascot of water experts.
Aquamarine amulet is the first helper in getting rid of smoking. Less, but also helps the blue stone and in the fight against alcohol abuse.
Among other things, aquamarine amulets are supported in creative and research activities. A stone, mentally tuned to good luck in solving complex scientific problems, helps to find the most rational way to solve the mysteries of nature. .
The blue color of the crystal indicates a transparent and bright perspective in the life of the owner.
Treating the stone helps to improve vision.


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