Crystal stud earrings clear Diamond gold 18k plated, round 8 mm, crown


Crystal stud earrings clear Diamond lab created Rhinestones, piercing, round 8 mm, crown, gold plated 18k silver, not allergic, by Amberwizard, for girls and women



Aren’t these earrings gorgeous?
A Sparkling Stud crystal Earrings Diamond lab created, Brillant, round, clear white transparent,
gold plated 18k silver,
rubber plastic white with gold color back stoppers.
Classic Earrings.
Not allergic.
Size of Diamonds 3.50 ct total (1.75 ct each), round stones 0.3″ (8 mm) diameter
Size of whole Earrings – 0.7″ (17 mm).
Weight of Earrings 0.8 gr. pair (without stoppers)/
For Girls and original adut women.
The perfect neutral earrings, these studs will work with everything in your wardrobe.
So beautiful with just the right amount of sparkle!

Diamond – Transparent – Clear – Colorless

Transparent stones are extremely attractive. They make the owners be more sincere, cleaning their minds.
Diamonds are considered as conductors of positive energy, they bear success, wealth, love, health, longevity.
The energy of the diamond makes the mind clear, increases concentration, improves memory. He brings purity of thoughts and eliminates indecision. Also helps to improve memory.
It is often used for protection, like a stone – a charm. It eliminates negative influences, protects from dangers. Brilliant helps to overcome fear, inspires hope, trust in life and spirituality. In short, it helps the owner to overcome the “dark night of the soul”.
For love, a diamond is an excellent stone. It strengthens relationships and enhances love, makes a union of loving people lasting, generates trust.


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